Mr. Cosimo Fedeli

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Mr. Cosimo Fedeli

Data Scientist & Principal Solution Consultant


Data scientist, business analyst, and former theoretical astrophysicist. Currently working in Oracle’s Financial Services Global Business Unit. My skills and expertise include:  Statistical and machine learning: classification/regression trees for predictive modeling; deep learning and convolutional neural networks for pattern detection and image classification; graph databases and network analytics; image analysis and Optical Character Recognition

◆ Business and functional analysis: collection and formalization of business requirements from stakeholders; preparation of functional documentation for the implementation of ICT solutions and system integrations; use case testing procedures

◆ Data mining: statistical analysis of, and inference of insights from, large structured datasets (relational databases and network graphs); mathematical modeling of complex problems for the purpose of interpolation, extrapolation, and prediction

◆ Natural Language Processing: vector representation (embedding) of words and documents, Latent Semantic Analysis; clustering and topic classification algorithms; statistical analysis of unstructured data; social media data mining

◆ Project management in international and highly complex environments; effective visualization and presentation of analytic results to diverse and international audiences; interface with stakeholders and delivery focus

◆ Software development with several programming languages, including C++, Python, and R; knowledge of database query languages, including SQL and Cypher; advanced proficiency in Excel (e.g., macros) and other Microsoft Office software; experience with ReST APIs and NoSQL databases (MongoDB); basic knowledge of SAS and MicroStrategy

◆ Team working within multi-disciplinary Agile collaborations; process management with JIRA; flexibility and openness at learning new skills quickly and independently; analytic and creative thinking; extensive knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and physics