Mr. Nick Pollard

Mr. Nick Pollard

Head of Partner Success | EMEA


Nick has worked in the IT industry for more than 30 years. At 18 he worked as a computer engineer, in 2019 he has responsibility for millions of dollars of revenue across Europe and the Middle East.
Nick joined Nuix in2016 as their Principal for the Security Intelligence & Analytics Division, EMEA. Nick has a comprehensive technical and practical background spanning forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and incident response. He has considerable experience managing eDiscovery cases along with large scale cyber-incidents. Nick and his team responded to one of the largest-known cybersecurity breaches in late 2012, which affected over 35,000 endpoint devices.

He has helped organizations in areas including financial, pharmaceutical, and critical infrastructure to better understand the whereabouts of and safeguard their critical value data.

Nick is now focused on building successful business Partnerships across the EMEA region focused on Corporate & Law Enforcement Investigations; Cyber Risk, Compliance and Information Governance and Litigation / Legal review.

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